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Word Of The Day With Mark Granville

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Who Is God Part 392

Who Is God
ThPlague OfBoils
SE14 PT 18 PT 19
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8Then the Lord said to
Moses and Aaron, “Take
handfuls of soot from a
furnace and have Moses
toss it into the air in the
presence of Pharaoh. 
9It will become fine dust
over the whole land of
Egypt, and festering boils
will break out on people
and animals throughout
the land.”
10So they took soot from
a furnace and stoodbefore Pharaoh. Moses
tossed it into the air, and
festering boils broke out
on people and animals.
11The magicians could

Who Is God Part 391

Who Is God
The Plague On Livestock
SEC 13 PT 17 PT 18
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1Then the Lord said to
Moses, “Go to Pharaoh
and say to him, ‘This is
what the Lord,the God
of the Hebrews,says:
Let my people go,so
that they may worship
2If you refuse to let them
go and continue to holdthem back,
3the hand of
the Lord will bring aterrible plague on yourlivestock in the fieldon
your horses,donkeys and
camels and on yourcattle,sheep and goats. 
4But the Lord will make

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